No Exam Life Insurance up to $250,000 to age 65

Many people want to provide life insurance protection for their families with low cost term life insurance,
 but don't want to go through an exam to get it.  
Fortunantly American National  Life Insurance company will
issue up to $250,000 of  of term life insurance  or Universal Life Insurance for people up to age 65
without taking an exam.

If you'd like a quote for $25,000 to $250,000 of life insurance without taking an exam, call us today
at 1 800 657 7178, or go see quotes for yourself on the home page with American National.
 These policies provide living benefits for no additional cost. 

These no exam term life insurance policies are as affordable as many policies that require an exam, they're
 issued in a couple of days, and are easier to qualify for.

Example 1: A healthy diabetic with an A1c of  8 will usually be rated up 50% to 100% with a fully underwritten policy, but will usually be issued without a rate up with American National Life Insurance Company. 

Example 2: A person 5' 10" that weighs 260 pounds will be rated up for most policies that require an exam,
but will not be rated up without an exam with American National. 

People that typically would have been rated up for weight, colesterol, liver enzimes or other blood related
issues would usually not be rated up at all with a no exam  life insurance policy from American National. 
American National is over 110 years old and rated A Excellent by A.M. Best

Quick    Easy     Affordable
Here a 35 year old man can buy a $100,000 policy for less than $17 a month

By eliminating the cost of the exam and the doctors records, with todays technology to check medical records
and precriptions online, American National can issue policies for a standard rate for less than most other life insurance companies, and include the additional living benefits for free. 

Why go through the hassles of an exam to pay more and have less?

Call us today at 1-800-657-7178 for questions or to apply.